"One Idahoan Family Roots, Repeatedly Begins to Build One House on One Hill with One Tree."
Matthew D. Friend (2017)


The IDGenWeb Project is without a doubt the “Gem of Free Genealogy and History.” We, the volunteers, strive to collect, gather, and preserve all available genealogical and historical information from its richly resourceful State of Idaho and its counties. We make every effort to bring our rich and strong ancestral roots to provide for our patrons and their research needs. We also go after other resources that's available on the internet to one location to ease our patrons’ research endeavors. The IDGenWeb Team, the volunteers, who aims to maintain and to provide local data and contextual information to assist those looking for more answers to their ancestors whereabout in Idaho. Come and browse a bit in our State site to find what's made available on our site, or search in each of our county's sites, where additional information may or may not be readily available to our patrons online. Again, Welcome!

BRIEF HISTORY ABOUT THE EARLY USGENWEB PROJECTS. --- The Spring of 1996 commence with the first known genealogy enterprise to bring “free” access to potential genealogists. The Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database Project, a group of genealogists gathered under the direction of Jeff Murphy to organize the beginning of what was later to evolve into the KyGenWeb Project, which was corrected to KYGenWeb Project. Once this concept started, it went across the United States where the individual States were being established into one of the project by the Fall of 1996. The SGenWeb Project was organized in October 1996 to gathered all the States into one page to connect to with links that got indexed and cross-reference to each other as well as back its parent site, The USGenWeb Project. “The USGenWeb Project continues to evolve thanks to every past, present and future volunteer.” The USGenWeb Project (2017) To learn more detail history visited the central site at hhttp://usgenweb.org/about/index.html.

About Idaho

State Facts

Nickname: Gem State
Motto: Esto Perpetua meaning "May She Endure Forever"
State Tree: Western White Pine (Pinus Monticola)
State Flower: Western Syringa (Philadelphus Lewisii)
State Bird: Mountain Bluebird
IDGenWeb Project ( 12/1/1998)

The State of Idaho was one of the newer states to enter the United States on July 3, 1890 as the 43rd state. Today, the state is estimated to have over 1.65 million people living within its boundaries where its lands have more diverse topography than any other state, which includes: high mountain ranges, forest, lakes, lava fields, deserts, lush farmlands, and probably, more running water sources than any other state. The topography is not the only interesting part of Idaho. Its people and its history have been synonymous with diverse walks of life, such as mountain men, the American Indians and their tribes, the miners and their mining districts; as well as the cattlemen and sheepherders and their ranches. Let’s not forget about the outlaws and the law-abiding citizens who were the early pioneers of the territory and later statehood. The state has seen its share of immigrants as well from all parts of the world.

Idaho was originally a part of the Northwest Territory or better known as the Oregon Territory. Idaho became a territory about the same time as Washington did in 1863. Idaho Territory included the lands of Montana and Wyoming, but eventually, it separated about the time Idaho became a state in 1890. There are currently 44 counties within the state, including four different Indian reservations. When Idaho became a territory, the first capitol was in Lewiston, Idaho until the territorial legislature voted to have the capitol located in Boise City, which in later years became just simply Boise.

The first territorial governor was William H. Wallace, who was appointed by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. Wallace served for only five months in 1863, then following by Caleb Lyon. There were sixteen territorial governors before Idaho’s first appointed governor. George Laird Shoup was the last territorial and first state governor of Idaho. Though, it was short lived. Today’s governor, C. L. “Butch” Otter who served in this capacity since 2007.

The official flag of the State of Idaho was adopted in 1907. The background color is deep blue with the state seal in the center surrounded by a yellow band. The seal is a man---a miner carrying his pick and shovel, and then there’s a woman---carrying a scale of justice, symbolizing liberty and justice. The motto: “Esto Perpetua” ---meaning “May it Endure Forever” ---written around the yellow cornucopias. An elk head atop, shield with a river, settlers, a fir tree, and mountainous land, a sheaf of grain, green grass, and a blue sky. Emma Edwards Green designed the state flag.

Idaho continues to enrich its history with more formidable ancestral roots.

About the IDGenWeb Project & Its Team

First IDGenWeb Logo

New (1998) IDGenWeb logo design by Janice Noblitt, Teton County Coordinator.

IDGenWeb Project (12/2/1998)

The IDGenWeb Project was created sometimes in the Summer or Fall of 1996. The historical sophistic had been lost over time; however, the respective history of the “Kentucky Comprehensive Genealogy Database Project” or KyGenWeb Project remains the same beginning for The IDGenWeb Project, to bring free genealogy to researcher in one location. One of the founders of the original project, Dale Schneider, better known as “Doc” Schneider had created several of the States on his own domain name, www.dsenter.com, which its original contexts was completely lost as well. After the USGenWeb Project became officially organized, and maintained its ideal, many of the State projects moved onto the Rootsweb.com server, where The IDGenWeb Project’s first pages were built. The following year the project got its jump-start when it exploded with willing volunteers who took the available resources of genealogical data and historical information to the next level which cause The IDGenWeb Project to expand in leaps and bounds into what it is today with the many help of our volunteers, contributors and the visits of our patrons who makes the project what it is now.

The first State Coordinator, Elaine Johnson---who so proudly proclaimed her Idahoan heritage of being the 5th generation of descendants--once stated about the original project that it was "... a loosely organized group of volunteers working to create a center for genealogical researcher for every county in the United States." The IDGenWeb Project (Dec. 27, 1998)

Today, The IDGenWeb Project continues to keep the past moving forward into the present, and, in hope, to our future generation to maintain the free genealogy and history resources for research. Elaine Johnson put it quite nicely when she said, "We are very proud of this project and hope that you are too." In return, we hope our patrons today take pride in our project as well. We surely do! Greetings from the IDGenWeb Team. The IDGenWeb Project (Dec. 2, 1998)

About the County Coordinators

Each county has one, or two, volunteered coordinator(s), host(s) or hostess(es) that care for and work on new information on its own associated sites which is related to their county. The counties, in hope, are providing our patrons with genealogical and historical information or data that will help our patrons to find further particulars that wasn’t know previously to them. Again, our counties operates on volunteers and we are always looking for new people with resourceful information to add to the sites that are available without a county coordinator or host.

If interested in adopting one of our county, then please contact the State Coordinator.   CLICK HERE or for the latest "Adopt-A-County" info CLICK HERE to view the what's available. Thank you.

About the State Coordinator & Assistants

The state coordinator and his or her assistants what helps keep the state-level operable on the GenWeb projects. The first state coordinator began her journey in 1997, a year after a group of genealogists or researchers got together and created the USGenWeb Project. Below is the list of past to present state coordinators, who served as volunteered member of the USGenWeb Project over the years. Also, these men and women not only served as the state’s coordinators but the local and county coordinator too.

  • 1996 – 1998 - Elaine Johnson
  • 1999 - 2001 - Doug Neibaur
  • 2002 – 2004 - Rhonda Smith
  • 2004 – 2009 - Jason Mendenhall
  • 2009 – 2011 - Mike St. Clair
  • 2011 - Present - Matthew D. Friend

Did You Know

USGenWeb is completely FREE to everyone and will NEVER be anything else?
there are thousands of volunteers who make USGenWeb possible?
each county webpage is the creation and responsiblity of a county volunteer or volunteers?
one of the very few required parts of a county page includes a place to post research queries about your ancestors?
an archive system is in place where original records can be accessed by anyone?
any files you add to the archive remain yours to do with as you please?

IDGenWeb Pwoject (12/2/1998)

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The IDGenWeb Project is a genealogical and historical collection from the State of Idaho and its counties. The state and each county site are provided by volunteers, who are committed to dedicate and to promote free resources from its respective localities and its state's rich ancestral history. Come and browse our State site to find what's available in each of our county's sites that may or may not be readily available to our patrons online. Welcome!