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The IDGenWeb Project have several counties that are available to adopt.

There are two options to learn which counties are available.

  1. Visit our “Adopt-A-County” page; or
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The first option will show all counties available in a dashboard format. Click on the HOME icon to visit that page or click on the EMAIL icon to send an email to the State Coordinator to express your interests in that county. The second option is below to the right column where each available county will be highlighted in red with “Adopt Me”, just simply click on the link to email the State Coordinator to express your interests. Whichever method you choose, please visit our “Prospective Volunteer” to read what is entailing to be a county coordinator or project manager. We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your interest.

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County Date Formed Parent Counties County Coordinator
Ada 22 Dec 1864 Boise
Adams 3 Mar 1911 Washington
Alturas (defunct) 1864-1895 Original county See Blaine County
Bannock 6 Mar 1893 Bingham
Bear Lake 5 Jan 1875 Oneida
Benewah 23 Jan 1915 Kootenai
Bingham 13 Jan 1885 Oneida
Blaine 5 Mar 1895 Alturas
Boise 4 Feb 1864 Original county
Bonner 21 Feb 1907 Kootenai
Bonneville 7 Feb 1911 Bingham
Boundary 23 Jan 1915 Bonner
Butte 6 Feb 1917 Bingham, Blaine, and Jefferson
Camas 6 Feb 1917 Blaine
Canyon 7 Mar 1891 Ada
Caribou 11 Feb 1919 Bannock county
Cassia 20 Feb 1879 Owyhee
Clark 1 Feb 1919 Fremont
Clearwater 27 Feb 1911 Nez Perce
Custer 8 Jan 1881 Alturas and Lemhi
Elmore 7 Feb 1889 Alturas
Franklin 20 Jan 1913 Oneida
Fremont 4 Mar 1893 Bingham
Gem 15 Mar 1915 Boise and Canyon
Gooding 28 Jan 1913 Lincoln
Idaho 4 Feb 1864 Original county
Jefferson 18 Feb 1913 Fremont
Jerome 8 Feb 1919 Gooding & Lincoln
Kootenai 22 Dec 1864 Nez Perce
Lah-Toh (defunct) 1864-1867 Unknown N/A
Latah 14 May 1888 Nez Perce
Lemhi 9 Jan 1869 Idaho
Lewis 3 Mar 1911 Nez Perce
Lincoln 18 Mar 1895 Alturas & Blaine
Logan (defunct) 1889-1895 Alturas N/A
Madison 18 Feb 1913 Fremont
Minidoka 28 Jan 1913 Lincoln
Nez Perce 4 Feb 1864 Original county
Oneida 22 Jan 1864 Original county
Owyhee 31 Dec 1863 Original county
Payette 28 Feb 1917 Canyon
Power 30 Jan 1913 Bingham, Blaine & Oneida
Shoshone 4 Feb 1864 Original county
Teton 26 Jan 1915 Madison
Twin Falls 21 Feb 1907 Cassia
Valley 26 Feb 1917 Idaho & Boise
Washington 20 Feb 1879 Boise

Map Format

The maps are divide by region: Panhandle, Western, Central, and Eastern,
search and select desire county to visit that website.

Idaho Panhandle Counties

Idaho Places: Panhandle Counties Boundary County Bonner County Kootnai County Benewah County Shoshone County Latah County Clearwater County Nez Perce County Lewis County Idaho County

Idaho Western Counties

Idaho Places: Western Counties Adams County Valley County Washington County Payette County Gem County Boise County Canyon County Ada County Elmore County Owyhee County

Idaho Central Counties

Idaho Places: Central Counties Lemhi County Custer County Camas County Blaine Cuonty Butte County Gooding County Lincoln County Jerome County Minidoka County Twin Falls County Cassia County

Idaho Eastern Counties

Idaho Places: Eastern Counties Clark County Fremont Cuunty Jefferson County Madison County Teton County Bingham County Bonneville County Power County Bannock County Caribou County Oneida County Franklin County Bear Lake County

Dashboard Format

Search and review the county desire. To visit the county's website, clock on icon,
to view the county's quick facts, click on the .

Dashboard Format

Search and review the county desire. To visit the county's website, clock on icon,
to view the county's quick facts, click on the .

Dashboard Format

Search and review the county desire. To visit the county's website, clock on icon,
to view the county's quick facts, click on the .