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Where’s Archie Beavers? Archie Beavers, son of Renson Reeves and Mary Ann (Varner) Beavers, and brother of Henry Cleveland Beavers to which is the grandfather of this query. The Beavers Family had been originally from Howell County, Missouri. “I am looking for any info on one Archie Beavers, brother of Henry.” Asked Patricia Ann Beavers Ford. “I am wondering if maybe Archie was adopted by a family in Howell County, and perhaps, taken their surname as well. Any help in locating any information about Archie Beavers would be appreciated."

Brief Family History:

Patricia Ann Beavers Ford wrote: “My Great Grandmother Mary Ann (Varner) Beavers was widowed about 1894 leaving her with four young children---all boys. The oldest being born in 1879 and the youngest about 1891. After the 1900 census (in Howell County, Missouri) she threw the boys out of the house with a very little to survive on. My grandfather, Henry Cleveland Beavers (born 1886), and his older brother came to Texas and settled in Upshur County. The family story has been told that some families in Howell County took Sam Milford and Archie into their homes. I know what happened to Sam Milford, but no one seems to know what happened to Archie.

“Another reason my Great Grandmother, threw the boys out, was that she ran off with a neighbor Seaborn Jones (who was still married at the time) and they were in 1910 census in Arkansas. After Seaborn died, Mary Ann came back to Missouri and lived with Sam Milford, his wife Effie, and their daughter Golda. I spoke with Golda back in the early 1990s, and she stated that Mary Ann was extremely mean and headstrong, and when she got sick prior to her death, she wanted to see her children one more time. I know that Henry and Monroe went back to Missouri to see her before she passed away, and yet, I have no idea what happened to Archie, and no one else knew where he was.

“I know that somewhere, someone has to know about Archie or what happened to him. If I could just locate the family that took him in I might be able to get some solid answers. I do know that Archie's father was Renson Reeves Beavers, who was born about 1838 in Missouri. He was married three times. His first wife was Mary Beeler, they had four children, then she dies before 1870. The second wife was Susan Bradshaw, and she died before 1879, leaving him with three children.

“From my research I found that one of Renson's sisters married someone and this element of the family moved to Oregon along with one of Renson unmarried sisters. There is a good chance if the Archie that is found in Idaho may have followed members of the extended family to Idaho/Oregon area. Renson's sons from his first marriage, I believe, were part of railroad crews working in the Northwest part of the United States. Children from the second marriage were taken in by their grandfather William Bradshaw.”

Quick Facts about Archie Beavers:

Research Compiled by Matthew D. Friend from Ancestry.com and Google Books.

Researcher's Notes:

This census record finds Archie at the age of 11 with his mother in Howell County, Missouri. One evidence shows that his birth date was listed as October 1888, and in Missouri. Going by this information the following record created this match against who Archie was and another item to add to showing it is him we are seeking for.

1900 U.S. Census:
Willow Springs, Howell, Missouri, USA

Name:Archie Beavers
Aged: 11 (Oct 1888 MO)
Relationship to Head: Son
Household & Family Nos.: 299 | 299
Head of Household: Mary Beavers (Mother)
Monroe (Aged: 20), Henry (Aged: 13), Samuel (Aged: 9)
Enumerated: 20 Jun 1900

The next record is the WWI Draft Registration record, though the last name is missing the "s" based on the census record above. We know it has to be the same Archie Beavers because of his birth date matches the month and but off by a couple of year of age. This is common when people give these kind of information, like in the census record was the mother who gave the infor to the enmerator, while this record is Archie himself. So we don't know for sure if he was born in 1888 or 1886. Another piece of evidence is the birth place he gave in this record. Olden, Missouri. So we can say for sure this is him and he lived in Pocatello, Idaho at this point.

WWI Draft Reg. Cards, 1917-1918: Archie Beavers>
WWI Draft Reg. Cards, 1917-1918:
Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA

Applicant's Name: Archie Beaver
Birth Data: 28 Oct 1886, Olden, Howell, Missouri, USA (Aged: 30)
Residency: Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho, USA
Occupation: Not Employed
Physical Description:
Build: Stout, Height: Tall, Hair: dark (not bald), Eye: Gray Status: Single
Date of Application: 5 Jun 1917

This last piece is interesting information and unfortunately Archie Beaver served in the war, briefly, because this record shows a listing of all the men who were drafted and then served at least two month before deserting the military. However, it doesn't show where they turned up missing, and this is where NARA have to come in and provide records of this person.

Congressional Record:
Proceedings and Debates of the United States Congress

Page No.: 13789

Cited Source: Google Books: PDF Book

This section of the book explained that the soldiers who were drafted into the war had served over two months before they deserted, though, it not clear if they were in-state or in-field

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