A Ferry's Accident about Ririe Area on May 30, 1929

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What Ferry Boat accident happened on May 30, 1929 in the Ririe area?

The story from my Mother, Ella Montgomery, was that her family lived on a farm in Ririe. I do not know what Ferry they were on. Mom said the family car rolled off the Ferry Boat and everyone got out except for her little sister who drowned. My mother never got over that, feeling like she was somehow responsible for her little sister's death because she kept diving in and trying to save her, and a man pulled her out and said, "We can't get your sister if we have to keep saving you." Parents were David & Margueritte Montgomery.

I recently found Merle Montgomery's burial site here:

Merle Joyce Montegomery

I would enjoy it if someone could help me find the history about the Ferry accident the killed Merle.

Thank you in advance.

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