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Where's Archie Beavers?

October 16, 2017 by

Where’s Archie Beavers?---Archie Beavers, son of Renson Reeves and Mary Ann (Varner) Beavers, and brother of Henry Cleveland Beavers to which is the grandfather of this query. The Beavers Family had been originally from Howell County, Missouri. “I am looking for any info on one Archie Beavers, brother of Henry.” Asked Patricia Ann Beavers Ford. “I am wondering if maybe Archie was adopted by a family in Howell County, and perhaps, taken their surname as well. Any help in locating any information about Archie Beavers would be appreciated."

Brief Family History:

Patricia Ann Beavers Ford wrote: “My Great Grandmother Mary Ann (Varner) Beavers was widowed about 1894 leaving her with four young children---all boys. The oldest being born in 1879 and the youngest about 1891. After the 1900 census (in Howell County, Missouri) she threw the boys out of the house with a very little to survive on. My grandfather, Henry Cleveland Beavers (born 1886), and his older brother came to Texas and settled in Upshur County. The family story has been told that some families in Howell County took Sam Milford and Archie into their homes. I know what happened to Sam Milford, but no one seems to know what happened to Archie.

“Another reason my Great Grandmother, threw the boys out, was that she ran off with a neighbor Seaborn Jones (who was still married at the time) and they were in 1910 census in Arkansas. After Seaborn died, Mary Ann came back to Missouri and lived with Sam Milford, his wife Effie, and their daughter Golda. I spoke with Golda back in the early 1990s, ... Click Here to read more.

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