Our Special Projects

Idaho Indian Tribes Project
Idaho Indian Tribes
This is Our Historical Resource about the Native American
Idaho GemBlogs
Idaho GemBlogs
The GemBlogs is about family history and their Idahoan Ancestry.
Idaho Military Project
Idaho Military Project
To learn about our
IDGenWeb Special Projects
Idaho's Mysteries
Idaho Ancestry's Mystery
Where Researchers to Seek Help in Their Idahoan Ancestry's Mystery

Addistional Special Projects

The USGenWeb Archive Project - Idaho
Archives Census Images Project - Idaho

Archives Digital Map Project - Idaho


Archives Marriage Project - Idaho


Become A Project Volunteer!

Volunteers are greatly appreciated by The IDGenWeb Project. This
page will explain the volunteers that we need for our projects.

Get Involved!
Give Help - Get Help!

The IDGenWeb Project always strives to bring genealogical data and historical information to our patrons. Patrons like yourself often have resourceful information that we can make available to others. Volunteers are needed for our various ongoing and new projects, and can provide help in other ways within the IDGenWeb Project. That volunteer could be you.

How to become involved?

Become a Volunteer --- There are several ways to become involved as a volunteer. You can be a lookup person for one or more of the counties within the IDGenWeb Project, can volunteer to help gather or transcribe information for one or more of the ongoing projects, or volunteer in one of the new projects are getting started. You can become one of our newest team members as a County Coordinator or Project Manager for one of the available “Adopt-A-County” sites, or be an assistant to a County Coordinator or Project Manager.

Become a Contributor --- Patrons of the IDGenWeb Project often contact the State Coordinator or another team member about some great resource material of genealogical data or historical information that coul d be of use to our state or county projects, and will ask if their wok could be constructed or displayed online for others to research for themselves. This is what a contributor is, and as a contributor you will get acknowledged for your effort to gathering this information, and as such, your name would be displayed with the work.

Volunteers make our project successful and useful to our patrons because of the time and effort put into compiling and transcribing this resourceful information for the IDGenWeb Project. Some of the best information that is not currently available online in one of our projects, oftentimes, becomes a new projects. Information from various records like birth, death or marriage data can be collected and displayed by one of our sites. Also, cemetery records are a great resource, as are biographies or other historical works that mention some past ancestors who were a vital member of the state or local communities. Another dynamic way to make the past come to the present is displaying old photographs or postcards of Idaho or communities, or even better, the pioneers, miners, ranchers and so on who made Idaho what it is today. As you can see, there are many ways to become a volunteer or a contributor to any of our projects. Maybe you have another idea of how you can contribute to the project and we welcome suggestions. This information enhances our websites and brings patrons to visit those websites.

All our volunteers have the means to gather, collect and transcribe resourceful data or information; perhaps, you are not able to get out to gather this but can help with indexing or typing the notes. You can volunteer to scratch or extract info off of headstones in your computer. You can be that volunteer to make that work available electronically with one of the desktop programs such as MSWord or MS Excel. Become a Volunteer today! We certainly can use you.

Volunteer for the USGenWeb Special Projects

Volunteering does not have to stop at the IDGenWeb’s many projects; perhaps you have more than Idaho-related information. The USGenWeb Project is always seeking volunteers (contributors) to add to their many special projects. The USGenWeb Special Projects are the Archive Project, Census Project, Tombstone Project, and so on. Each of these projects seeks your assistance in any way you can. To read more about what you can do or what projects are available click on the link below:

USGenWeb White Paper

Get involved today! Contact the State Coordinator to let him or her know of some great resources available to add to one of our projects; or volunteer your time in other ways. No matter which way it is the IDGenWeb Project will be happy to accept you as our volunteer or contributor.